The current boom and the severe appeal obtained for outside sports activities like mountain cycling, snowshoeing, rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, playing golf and in-line skating has actually inspired the sun glass makers to develop performance-oriented sunglasses.

To satisfy the demands of the casual and competitive sportsperson, much study and growth has actually been done by the sun wear producers regarding how they might produce the finest sunglasses for various activities, requirements and environments. The outcomes: light-weight, versatile and durable products, no-slip elements that do not stop working in the heat of the moment, and obviously lenses were presented.


Lenses, maybe the main considerable element effective for sports sun wear has optical quality and image enhancement. These lenses are now available in many colors such as brown, green, gray, yellow, orange, etcï ¿ 1/2 that are chiefly reliable in certain situations.

Polycarbonate lenses are greatly popular for its very muscular and impact-resistant quality that especially brings in many individuals associated with sports.

Polarized lenses are also in great need as they decrease glare produced on smooth surface areas such as water or a field of snow. Polarized lenses are highly effective sports lenses that work successfully with both the contradictory sports activities like the downhill to magnate snowboarding.

Glass lenses have terrific visual quality. Hence they are used as casual sunglasses and for playing golf. Although glass lenses have such great visual quality they are seldom used as sports eyewear because lots of individuals concerned in extreme sports avoid glasses lenses for the possibility of shattering upon impact.

What’s Your Sport?

One significant trend that has actually struck the sports glasses arena recently is sports-specific sun wear. Frames and lenses are now accessible that are targeted specifically to the golfer, the cyclist, the boater, the rock climber and so on. This availability and specialization has actually made fantastic customer interest and thus has increased sales in sports eyewear.

If you are the Jack of all sports, there is likewise a choice of multipurpose sports sunglasses offered for you in the market. Adjustable lens systems are likewise available.

Another propensity in sports glasses that has made customers far more conscious of the brands and the items out there are the item endorsements and sponsorships by well-known expert athletes. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, John McEnroe of pro tennis popularity, PGA golfer David Ledbetter, Missy Giove, a leading mountain biker, professional internet user Laird Hamilton, and even Olympic skier Johnny Moseley all have assistance handle chief sports eyeglasses lines.

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